Tees Valley Guinea Pig Rescue

Serving Teesside, North Yorkshire & County Durham. We take in unwanted guinea pigs & find them 5 star forever homes. Older & infirm piggies are kept here to live out their lives in our Sanctuary section.

VERY IMPORTANT - Because our waiting list is now out of control we can only take in guinea pigs from  Teesside, North Yorkshire & County Durham.

We no longer rehome guinea pigs to live outdoors.

When you are finally told we can take your piggies, please reply quickly. If no quick reply the space will be offered to next on our waiting list.

Please text 07834 760412 giving details of the piggies you'd like us to take including your full name, piggy's name & when born to the closest month.
If you'd like to adopt, please phone or text the above number. For rehoming or adopting please only phone between 9am & 5pm.  Only phone outside these times for emergencies.

Anyone visiting the rescue please don't upset our neighbours by parking across their drives. We have a very good relationship with our neighbours so please park with care. You can park across our drive. Also please don't park on the pavement as enforcement offices are patrolling.