Here you'll find all the piggies that are currently ready for adoption. 

Please check our Minimum Re-homing Requirements before booking an appointment to see any of these piggies. Any of the fostered piggies can be brought back to the rescue, usually for viewing and adoption on a weekend. We have a minimum adoption fee of £20 per piggy, £30 per same sex pair or £40 for a neutered boy or spayed girl or £50 for neutered boy with girl. We try to ensure that all our guinea pigs are healthy at time of adoption. This includes us keeping them for at least 14 days quarantine before they are offered for adoption. 
Please Note: If you are wanting a solo piggy to bond with your solo or bereaved piggy you will need to go on a waiting list.




Patch, Plum & Opal (being Fostered) Patch born April 2018 plus Plum & Opal born March 2021 are a gorgeous trio of girls.
Hope, Kylie & Ruby Hope, Kylie & Ruby are a gorgeous trio of girls born in May 2020 & Jan 2021.


Penny & Petunia Penny was born in January 2021 & Petunia in July 2022. They're a gorgeous pair of girls.
Maple & Peanut (being Fostered) Maple & Peanut are a lovely pair of girls born on November 30th 2021.
Ellie & Maggie (being Fostered) Ellie & Maggie are a gorgeoes pair of girls born inMarch & April 2022.
Kara & Katie Kara & Katie are a gorgeous pair of girls born in April 2021.
Daisy & Lilly (being Fostered) Daisy & Lilly are a gorgeous pair of girls born in January 2020.
Blondie & Ginger (being Fostered) Blondie & Ginger are a pair of goegeous girls born in July 2022.
Cinnamon & Spice (being Fostered) Cinnamon & Spice are a gorgeous daughter & mother born in Jan 2021 & Aug 2020.
Moomin & Willow (being Fostered) Moomin & Willow are two really laid back girls born in September 2021.
Blossom & Poppy (Reserved - being Fostered) Blossom & Poppy are a gorgeous pair of girls born in February 2023.



Felix & Ralph (being Fostered) Felix born in August 2019 & Ralph born in February 2020. They have been together for 3 years.
Cabbage & Spud (being Fostered) Cabbage & Spud are a lovely pair of well bonded boys born in November 2021.
Apollo & Aslan (being Fostered) Apollo & Aslan are a gorgeous pair of boys born in December 2022 & November 2021.
Jym & Ragnar (being Fostered) Jym & Ragnar are a gorgeous pair of brothers born in July 2022.
Pikachu & Zebra Pikachu born Aug 2021 & Zebra born April 2021 are a loely well bonded pair of boys.
Teddy & Toffee (being Fostered) Teddy & Toffee are a lovely pair of boys born in September 2021.


Brenda (Reserved) Brenda is a lovely recenty bereaved girl born in July 2019. She's looking for a similar aged friend.
Tempest (Reserved) Tempest is a gorgeous girl born in September 2020. She recently lost her companion.
Minnie (Reserved) Minnie is a giorgeous girl born in August 2022.
Ella (being Fostered) Ella is a friendly girl looking for a similare aged companion. She was born in December 2020.


SOLO UN-NEUTERED BOYS  - All our boys are available for bonding with your solo or bereaved boy. We do not re-home solo boys to live on their own. You will usually have to be on our waiting list.

Custard (Reserved) Custard is a gorgeous boy born in November 2020.
Lennie (Reserved) Lennnie is a recently bereaved old gentleman born in June 2018.
Gizmo (Reserved) Gizmo is a gorgeous boy born in August 2020. He's looking for a similar aged buddy.
Muffin (Reserved) Muffin is a gorgeous boy born in August 2020. He's looking for a similar aged buddy.
Artemis (Reserved) Artemis is a lovely friendly boy born in July 2020.
Monty (Reserved - Being Fostered) Monty is a gorgeous boy sadly recently bereaved. He was born in May 2020.


Daman (Reserved - being Fostered) Daman is a gorgeous recently bereaved boy born in January 2020.
Daiquiri (Reserved) Daquiri is a lovely boy born in July 2022. He's looking for a girlfriend.