Minimum Requirements for Re-homing Guinea Pigs

1. We only allow a solo piggy to be re-homed if we are able to bond them with your piggy. We do a free bonding service for male/male, female/female & neutered male/female.

2. Accommodation:
An indoor cage measuring at least 118cm x 59cm or an equivalent size c&c run ie at least 3x2 (42" x 28"). Also a run in the garden or yard in the warmer months or floor time if living in a flat.

A hutch with a minimum size of 5ft x 2ft placed outside or in a shed with a window with a separate run attached. The hutch would need to be brought into a shed or garage during the winter months ie September to April. It would also need one or two snugglesafe heat pads if no other heating available. Please note that not all hutches are 2ft wide & some only 15" wide which would mean you'd need an 8ft long hutch to give you the same floor area

If planning to keep them in an outdoor hutch, this should only be done from the end of May until the end of October.

All outdoor runs should be fully enclosed to keep them safe from predators both 4-legged & with wings.

3. Bedding:
Preferably not wood shavings. There are lots of better alternatives such as Puppy Pads with Hay on top,  Auboise (hemp based), Raviera & NedzBedz (oil seed rape straw based), Fitch & other paper based bedding. With all these it is best to cover with a layer of hay. Please note, never use straw for guinea pigs.

4. Food:
A diet consisting of approx. 80% hay, 15% veggies & 5% pellets.

It is best to use pot bowls with vertical sides as lots of other types of bowls are easily tipped. Mason Cash are the UK's best manufacturers & can be bought online or at all good pet stores. For a pair of guinea pigs we recommend a 6" (15cm) bowl for veggies & 2 x 4" (10cm/12cm) for nuggets & readigrass.

5. They must be kept safe from predator pets such as cats, dogs, snakes etc. They should also not be kept with rabbits or graze on the same grass as rabbits.

6. All guinea pigs adopted from TVGPR should NOT be used for breeding & NOT be used for showing.